They say we all have a little of poets and madmen and between my madness an extraordinary idea occurred tome, to make my first interview and therefore on this occasion, the ducks shot to the guns; and for my first journalistic opportunity, I chose a personality in the field of entertainment journalism: her name Heidy Sandoval Ruiz

Hi Heidy, I had the honor of receiving your message to find outabout my dad and the work that he have done, but I’ve seen your pictures, your interviews, some family photos, a great journalistic tour and now I have the opportunity that you share  with us some of your experiences.


When and how did youinitiate yourinterest in this noble profession?Wow! Luigi thanks for starting in this interview field; you will get a taste of this and you will see that it is interesting to know what a person thinks, feels, and wants. My interest arose as a teenager and I remember studying at the Sacred Heart College, when I took out a magazine. And I want to tell you, it has been wonderful to meet many people andwith whom I’ve built friendships with.

How many years you were in the program Cuestión de Minutos? Almost 15 years and thanks to Luis Domingo Valladares, who gave me the opportunity to start the segment «Es Cuestión de Artistas… in Cuestión de Minutos” .I managed to interview national and international artists,public office candidates, Presidents, etc.

With which other media have you had the opportunity of working? In channel 5, FM Joya, also I had the opportunity to have a children’s program «Los Amiguitos de Heidy» where I shared with the children and had a lot of fun, this was in Radio Nuevo Mundo. For a while I was in the program «El Club de la Familia» when my friend Marina Coronado traveled, she trusted me withher space in Radio Nuevo Mundo, «Sábado a Sábado con Regia» on Radio Uno.120, for housewives and also in some print media, but always focusing my support towards national artist, that is where I have made many friends in this circle.

La fotógrafaWhat have been your biggest challenges? One of the most important is to have kept alivethe «Gala de la Canción Guatemalteca», a unique show in its kind and which last year was its twentieth anniversary! That in our country is not so easily to achieve. Thank God I had the support of the Comité Permanente Pro-festejos de la Independencia Nacional and the public coming to applaud its artists.

I see you interview all persons that have to do withart; did you ever have any personal experience in singing, dancing, acting, etc.? I would love to be a singer, flamenco dancer and actress in comedy, but I have not done anything like that… I’m very shy inside Hahaha

I met your husband and it struck me,his admiration for you and the proud feeling of having you as a partner.Does he help you in your journalism career? I want to tell you that when we were dating he didn’t sleep watching Cuestión de Minutos, was my No. 1 fan (my Dr. Antonio Estrada was the No.2). We got married and we have supported all the projects that I can think of or he can think off; the best of all would be focusingon the national artists, on that account emerged Eventos H & G which gave us the opportunity to present several events and the recording of the album «Guatemala, Voces y Canciones» with the support of Difosa-Vypro.

Where would you like to go on this journey?Honestly at the beginning of my blog’s «Heidy guests», I thought it would be a window to promote the national artist, and I noticed in the statistics that I was not alone, that’s why this 14th, this site was opened to the public: http://www.heidysandovalruiz.comAlso we have these fan pages,

All I ask for is your support, and for visitors to give my sites a like, as I have said I do it «with passion and love of Guatemalan art». In addition, this year we’ll expand these sites as there will be interviews with Radio hosts, journalists, artists who are no longer among us and many more surprises.

10009667_600549553374515_817408229_nAll the artists are grateful for your interest in us and for your tireless work in bringing this information to the public but we have also wanted to know about that friendly face behind the interviews, photos, and comments. Thank you very much for accepting this amateurinterview, blessings and all the best for you and your family.

Thanks Luigi for this interview and I congratulate you because you have what it takes. I take this opportunity to thank the people who have supported me in this adventure that we started with Gustavo and wish it lasts for looong time.


Interview by Luigi Lanuza

Translation by René Corado


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